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12/07/2018  Thank you for visiting our FAQ page, as this is our new site, I will be adding to it over the next few Months to hopefully be able to answer all your questions.


How do I find out pricing and if you are available?  Simply click here and fill out the form. Our full information and pricing package will then be emailed out to you as well as information on how to check out if I am available to photograph your wedding. You will find the information pack to be very comprehensive and answer most if not all of your questions.

Do You Travel?  Absolutely, after you have received our pricing and information package and read through it, if you are interested in me photographing your wedding, just email me a request for a travel quote. Travel with in 2 hours of Albury is included in wedding package.

Can we come and visit you?  Yes you sure can and I love it when you do so you can see our beautiful books and meet in person. I do ask that you make sure you have received our pricing first so that I can spend the time talking about your wedding and other interesting things as you will already know all the basic pricing information. We are only open by appointment how ever, but it is really easy to make an appointment though, just  click here,  follow the instructions and pick a time and date that suites (all available appointments are listed and yes we have evening appointments for after work). How easy is that, you will even get an email reminding you of your appointment.

We love your work, your prices are great, how do we book?  Simply  fill out the booking request form, click here to do that. Then follow the instructions. We have clients living all over the world so we have a very strong internet based presence to make it easy for them to get prices, booking and even the selecting of images and proofing of fine art books.

Photography terms often misunderstood?  

High/ Full Res Files / Digital Negatives ~ These should be the size of the files that come out of the camera and lets you print any size image that is offered by the photographer. All Saints Photography only releases these in Jpeg format . 

 Edited ~ A photographer may take 2000 images at a wedding but in reality maybe only 1000 may be worth keeping. Things like test shots for lighting, misfires and general rubbish is edited (deleted) out.   

Retouched / Enhanced ~ images are individually opened and closely inspected. Cosmetic retouching is completed on them to remove things like pimples and imperfections in the skin. Distracting items in the backgrounds like rubbish, power lines etc are also often removed. An image retouch / enhancement often takes between 15 – 30 minutes, this is why we only retouch ordered and album prints. (1000 images at 5 minutes each would take about 80 hrs so you really must question any photographer claiming to retouch all of your wedding images.) 

Proof / Original ~ these images have had basic colour and density (how light or dark they are) corrections to give us a clean file to start with. They have not had any retouching or special effects applied to them and are always in colour. 

Wedding Gift Registry   Got enough toasters? Have enough towels to open a motel?  After you make your booking with us we can open up a gift registry for you on our site.  Your friends and relatives can easily visit our site and leave any dollar value against your account and leave you a message. Every time you receive a gift you will get an email letting you know. Then when your gallery goes live you can use it to purchase or upgrade any of the products we offer. If you wish to use the registry there is a link to email out the details  to your guests.


How do I find out pricing and information?   Simply click here and fill out the form. My full information and pricing package will be emailed out to you. You will find the information to be very comprehensive and answer most if not all of your questions.

Ordering / Online Gallery Information

Passwords which one? With our website there are two (2) different passwords you may come across.  

 Account password.  To register an account all you have to do is add an email address and a password. This password is your own password (nothing to do with the gallery password) and lets you  log in to your own account. Accounts let you save your favorites, buy images and many more features.

Gallery Password   Our galleries are password protected and will have a password that you will need to enter, wedding ones are quite simple and if you are a guest you should have no problems, but portrait galleries are more complicated (clients will receive an email with the password when the gallery goes live). 

Please note we do not give out passwords to galleries only our clients can do this so if you require a password you will need to contact them directly.  

Fine Art Books

I have a Fine Art Book Included in my package, how do I order it? 

1.  Pick the images you would like in your book. The best way to start this is with a rough cull by clicking on the hearts of the ones you think you like. It does not matter how many you pick at this stage, if you think you like it, pick it. You will need to logged into your account to do this. When you have gone through your photo's click on "My Favourites"  (it will either be at the top of the page on a desktop computer or under the menu on a mobile device). This will then only show you your favorite images. To remove images out of your favourites if you have to many, click on the heart.

2. Now that you have culled down the images to the ones you would like in your Fine Art Book , click on a shopping cart icon and this will bring up the ordering page. 

3. Click on Fine Art Books, select the one included in your package, select the cover colour (scroll down to see pics of colours) and any other options you require then click on "Add To Cart"  and follow the instructions on the screen. 

4. This will let you add images individually to your fine art book OR  A short cut to adding all of your favourite images to your cart in 3 clicks is.

Click on "My Favourites" this will show all your favourites. Then click on the link saying "add all my favourites..."   then "Yes, add these"   this will add all of your favourites to your book. 

Click on a shopping cart under  any of the images and this will then show you what images have been added to your book as well as letting you add or delete images.

5. When you are happy with your selection click on "Shopping Cart"  (at top of page)  then click on "Proceed to checkout".

It is very important to follow through fully with the checkout procedure or the order does not get sent through to us.

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