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A Celebration of Love: Zoe and Kat's Unforgettable Wedding at Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

A Celebration of Love: Zoe and Kat's Unforgettable Wedding at Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

In a testament to love's boundless nature, Zoe and Kat hosted an enchanting celebration at Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn. This joyous occasion unfolded in a venue that not only embraced natural beauty but also diversity and inclusivity.

Getting Ready in Elegance

The day kicked off with both brides preparing at the charming Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn. Madison Hair worked wonders, ensuring Zoe and Kat were picture-perfect for their special day. Zoe's choice of a breathtaking gown from Ferrari Formal wear and Badgley Mischka shoes reflected her unique style. 

A Ceremony Amongst Nature's Beauty

The picturesque ceremony unfolded in the heart of Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn, surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery. Melissa Thomas, a celebrant with a warm heart and an open mind, officiated the ceremony. As Zoe and Kat exchanged vows, the atmosphere was filled with love, acceptance, and the promise of a beautiful future together.

Reception in Natural Splendor

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration seamlessly transitioned to the reception within Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn. Jannoel Florist's exquisite floral arrangements added a touch of romance to the venue's natural beauty. The wedding cake, a masterpiece crafted by Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn, was both a culinary delight and a visual sensation.

Capturing Everlasting Moments

Stephen Jorgensen from All Saints Photography Albury expertly captured every moment, preserving the cherished memories of Zoe and Kat's special day. From the emotional exchange of vows to the lively reception, the photographs tell a story of love, acceptance, and the beauty of diversity.

Zoe and Kat's wedding at Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn was not just an event; it was a celebration of love that transcends societal norms. The venue's commitment to inclusivity, coupled with the personal touches added by the couple and their chosen vendors, made this wedding a truly magical and memorable experience. Love is love, and this celebration was a beautiful reminder that it blooms in the most unexpected and enchanting places

Wedding Day Details!

Wedding Location  |  Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Bridal Preparation  |   Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Hair  by  |   Madison Hair

Dress  |   Ferrari Formal wear

Shoes  |   Badgley Mischka

Groom Preparation  |   Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Suits by  |   Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Ceremony Location  |   Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Celebrant  |  Melissa Thomas

Reception Location  | Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn

Florist  |   Jannoel Florist

Cake by  |  Orange Grove Gardens Culcairn



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