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A Family Celebration in Albury at The Boat Shed Lake Hume: Kate and Danny's Heartfelt Wedding Journey

A Family Celebration in Albury at The Boat Shed Lake Hume: Kate and Danny's Heartfelt Wedding Journey

Set against the charming backdrop of The Water Works Albury, Kate and Danny's wedding was not just a union of hearts but a joyous family celebration filled with warmth and personalized touches. 

Sheena Leigh Make Up and Bree from Tokoya: Elevating Beauty

Kate's radiance on her wedding day was artfully crafted by Sheena Leigh Make Up and Bree from Tokoya. Their skilled hands not only enhanced Kate's beauty but also added to the glow of joy that enveloped the family on this significant day.

Petani Menswear: Stylish Attire for the Groom and his crew

Danny and his groomsmen donned suits from Petani Menswear, embodying a perfect blend of style and sophistication. The choice of attire not only reflected their individual personalities but also set a tone of familial elegance.

Waterworks, Albury: A Scenic Haven for Vows

Nestled within the beautiful Waterworks in Albury, the vows were exchanged in a setting that mirrored the tranquility of family bonds. Sheryl Pitman, a warm and enchanting celebrant, presided over the ceremony, creating an atmosphere filled with familial love and joy.

The Boat Shed Lake Hume: Lake Side Retreat for Family Togetherness

Transitioning to The Boat Shed at Lake Hume, the lake side venue provided a perfect backdrop for the family-centric celebration. Flower Mill Jindera transformed the space into a floral wonderland, adding natural beauty that resonated with the atmosphere.

Dash: Crafting a Family-Centric Cake

The wedding cake, a creation by Dash, was not just a delicious treat but also a visual masterpiece that echoed the couple's family-oriented style. The cake design added a sweet note to the celebration, bringing the family together around a common joy.

Albury DJ Entertainment: Family-Friendly Beats for Celebration

As the night unfolded, Albury DJ Entertainment took center stage, ensuring that the celebration continued with family-friendly beats. The music resonated with the joy of the occasion, creating an atmosphere of shared celebration and laughter for all generations.

Capturing Cherished Moments: All Saints Photography Albury

Stephen Jorgensen from All Saints Photography Albury expertly captured every cherished moment, from family embraces to the dance floor revelry. His lens immortalized the beauty and joy of Kate and Danny's wedding day, creating timeless memories for the entire family.

Kate and Danny's wedding in Albury was a heartwarming celebration of family ties, from the bridal preparations to the dance floor beats. This celebration stands as a reminder that a wedding is not just a union of two individuals but a coming together of families, creating shared memories that last a lifetime. Cheers to Kate and Danny and their beautiful  journey!

Wedding Day Details!

Wedding Location  |   Albury

Make Up by  |  Sheena Leigh Make Up

Hair  by  | Bree from Tokoya

Suits by  | Petani Menswear

Ceremony Location  |  Waterworks, Albury

Celebrant  | Sheryl Pitman

Reception Location  | The Boat Shed Lake Hume

Florist  | Flower Mill Jindera 

Cake by  |  Dash

Music by  |  Albury DJ Entertainment

Photography | Stephen Jorgensen from All Saints Photography Albury



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