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Vows in Vineyards: Miranda and James's Enchanting Wedding at Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa King Valley

Vows in Vineyards: Miranda and James's Enchanting Wedding at Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa King Valley

Nestled in the picturesque Milawa King Valley, Miranda and James painted their love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Brown Brothers Winery. 

Elegance Unveiled: Bridal Preparations at Lindenwarrah

Miranda's journey to the aisle began amidst the luxury of Lindenwarrah in Milawa. Assisted by makeup artist Danielle Gardiner and hairstylist Kirby Richards, Miranda exuded timeless beauty. Her choice of a Karen Willis Holmes dress added an extra layer of sophistication, setting the tone for a day steeped in elegance.

Groom's Retreat: Gumstead House

James and his groomsmen found refuge at the charming Gumstead House in Milawa. Dressed in suits from Oscar Hunt, they embodied a classic and refined aesthetic, aligning perfectly with the timeless romance of the occasion.

A Vow Amongst the Vines

The verdant vineyards of Brown Brothers Winery set the stage for Miranda and James's heartfelt vows. Officiated by the warm and personable Mark Yates, the ceremony unfolded against a backdrop of love and joy, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Revelry in Winery Splendor

Transitioning seamlessly to the winery's rustic charm, the reception was an elegant affair thanks to Beechworth Floral Designs. Transforming the venue into a floral wonderland, the team added a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to every corner. Beechworth Floral Designs also crafted breathtaking floral arrangements, elevating the romance of the celebration.

Miss Naked Cakes contributed a delectable masterpiece, delighting taste buds and acting as a stunning centerpiece. The celebration continued into the night with Albury DJ Entertainment setting the perfect musical tone, ensuring the dance floor remained alive with laughter and celebration.

Capturing Timeless Moments: All Saints Photography Albury

Every smile, every tear, and every dance move was expertly captured by Stephen Jorgensen from All Saints Photography Albury. Through his lens, Miranda and James could relive the magic of their day, preserving timeless memories.

In conclusion, Miranda and James's wedding at Brown Brothers Winery was a harmonious blend of sophistication, natural beauty, and heartfelt moments. The combination of picturesque surroundings, talented vendors, and a couple deeply in love created a day that will be etched in their hearts forever. For couples seeking inspiration, this celebration stands as a testament to the magic that unfolds when love and meticulous planning come together. Cheers to Miranda and James and their enchanting journey into forever!

Wedding Day Details!

Wedding Location  | Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa  King Valley

Bridal Preparation  |Lindenwarrah , Milawa

Make Up by  |   Danielle Gardiner

Hair  by  |   Kirby Richards

Dress  |  Karen Willis Holmes

Groom Preparation  |   Gumstead House Milawa

Suits by  |  Oscar Hunt

Ceremony Location  |  Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa  King Valley

Celebrant  |  Mark Yates

Reception Location  |  Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa  King Valley

Event Stylist  |  Beechworth Floral Designs

Florist  |   Beechworth Floral Designs

Cake by  |  Miss Naked Cakes

Music by  |   Albury Dj Entertainment



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